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The current disruption to learning and educational systems has forced parents to seek alternative programs to support their children from the safety of their homes. This has upended traditional programs that have provided support to students during the summer months. IDMANN Academy operates as an online institution serving a culturally and geographically diverse range of students and families. The IDMANN Summer Camp (ISC) is built on systems and practices we have developed over several years at IDMANN Institute.  While the IDMANN Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA) caters to families with children between the 1st grade and the 12th grade, IDMANN Summer Camp provides strong academic support for students between the 6th and 12th grades in the core subjects (Mathematics & English Language Arts), in addition to a number of critical life skills and career development courses that will serve them well into adulthood.

Our goal is not just to support academic growth but also to foster the emotional and professional development of the child into a well-rounded adult. In addition to Mathematics and English Language Arts, IDMANN Summer Camp includes classes in Money Management & Personal Finance, Public Speaking, Research Methods & Problem Solving, and Professional Development seminars. Children learn a foreign language; practice public speaking (in the presence of their peers, under the guidance of a coach); learn how money works and how to manage their finances; learn about various career options by interacting with professionals and trained counselors in various professions; and learn how to develop their own critical thinking by researching various topics, writing essays about them and presenting their findings and opinions to their peers and instructors.

At IDMANN Institute, we believe it is NEVER too early to learn the life lessons that promote emotional, intellectual and psychological well-being. IDMANN Summer Camp helps students find their own voice and begin to plan their individual lives. 

This online program supports students every weekday from 9a.m. to 5p.m. (in the respective time zones) in very small groups (typically <15) under the guidance of well trained and experienced instructors in the various subjects. Classes are held in our secure online classrooms that are specifically designed for teaching and learning. The program is designed to provide stimulating and developmental engagement for the child during the workday. It also ensures that 'summer learning loss' is a thing of the past; at the end of the camp, students are well equipped and fully prepared for the next academic year.

Due to the nature of the Summer Camp and the courses offered, we can only support students from the 6th grade (or equivalent) through to 12th grade (or equivalent). Students who have completed high school and who wish to revisit some of the courses and perhaps, benefit from the professional and personal development courses, are welcome to enroll in the program. (Families seeking support for elementary school students should refer to the IDMANN Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA).)