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IDMANN Academy is committed to providing affordable, quality tutorial support for as many students as possible. We provide a limited bursary (scholarship) for students in most of our programs based on available financial resources. The goal of the bursary is to assist students in a particular demographic or grouping that may legitimately benefit from the program but may face financial challenges in covering the full cost of tuition.


Application & Registration Fees:

  • Recognizing the challenges facing many families at this time, IDMANN Institute has chosen to apply a sliding scale to the fees for summer camp. This is intended to reduce the financial burden on families with multiple children seeking to attend the camp.
  • Note that for the sliding scale to apply, ALL the students from the same household MUST apply at the same time.
  • We define "students from the same household" as follows:
    • Biological, adoptive or foster children living at the same physical address as the applicant parent or guardian who will be paying the fees for the students jointly and will receive reports for ALL the students jointly.
 Application Fee (One Time
 Tuition (Weekly for family)    
 1 student    $250/week
2 students    $450/week
3 students    $600/week
4 students    $750/week
5 students    $900/week
Each additional student Add $150/week  
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