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Learning For Innovation!

IDMANN Academy provides tutorial support for academic advancement and entrance examinations. Our program is built on a solid foundation of cooperative education. We believe that the best learning outcomes are realized when parents, guardians, students and instructors ALL work together to develop and deliver the tutorial support students need to succeed.

We are focused primarily on elementary, middle, and high school-age students (though our Entrance Preparation Program (EPP) at IDMANN Academy also provides tutorial support for some post-secondary entrance examinations). Our colleagues at IDMANN Institute provide professional development and technical entrepreneurship training for post-secondary students and working adults.

All our courses are offered online.

At IDMANN Academy (and IDMANN Institute) we believe that the most effective way to learn is by interacting with a highly-trained seasoned instructor, and with peers who are working to learn the same material at the same time. ALL our courses are offered in real-time online sessions led by live instructors.

We do not offer asynchronous training.

Our core program is the Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA) which enables parents to come together in small group (of ten, typically) to design and realize the kind of support most beneficial to their children. A specific instructor is dedicated to supporting that cohort of students as they focus on ensuring that the needs of every child in the small cohort are identified and adequately addressed. The CPA supports students through the school year and during the holidays as well. Where permitted, CPA also augments the efforts of parents who wish to home-school their children.

Our Entrance Preparation Program (EPP) focuses on assisting students with their preparation for assessment tests and entrance examinations, while the International Language Program (ILP) provides support for students to learn a variety of languages in small tutorial groups with highly trained language instructors. The IDMANN Summer Camp provides strong academic support for students between the 6th and 12th grades in the core subjects (Mathematics & English Language Arts), in addition to a number of critical life skills and career development courses that will serve them well into adulthood.

IDMANN Academy provides focused tutorial support to students in small groups led by highly trained and experienced instructors. Our online (only) live-instruction format ensures that students can learn from the safety of their homes while getting the attention they need from highly experienced and qualified teachers.




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