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The Entrance Preparation Program (EPP) prepares students for entrance exams into secondary and post-secondary institutions. EPP also supports various state educational assessment tests. EPP provides support for West African (WAEC, NECO, JAMB and GCE), East African (KCSE, CSEE), North American (GED, SAT, TOEFL, LEAP, GMAT) and European (IELTS) entrance examinations.

EPP is unique because it provides support to students on a rolling year-round basis given the varied schedules of the exam covered by the program. Typically, students register for the program of interest (SAT, JAMB, WAEC, etc.) and are assigned to a small 'cohort'  (typically less than 15 students). This cohort supports each other and prepares together for the intended examination under the guidance of an instructor. EPP instructors are well trained teachers who have extensive and direct experience preparing students for these examinations in the given subject areas.

For select student,  EPP also provides for one-on-one instruction. For those students seeking completely individualized support and coaching to meet their exam preparation needs, EPP can assign an instructor to provide personal guidance. CGS also organizes specialized EPP classes in coordination with schools, companies and other organizations seeking customized support for their groups of students and applicants. Students who want personalized instruction will have the option of selecting that during the application process.