IDMANN Academy operates online, providing critical tutorial services to a culturally and geographically diverse range of students and families. The IDMANN Global Summer Camp (GSC) is built on systems and practices we have developed over several years. It combines the key elements of our Private Tutor Program (PTP) and our High Achievers' Camp (HAC) into a compelling summer offering for students (1st grade to 12th grade).

During the weekdays students get a one-on-one instructor to work with them on the core academic subjects (English Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies, etc.). These sessions are led by experienced teachers and are intended to ensure each student is well prepared (even advanced) for the coming academic session. The one-on-one nature ensures that students can have their weaknesses addresses properly and thoroughly without peer pressure. It also gives room for the teacher to develop areas of strength for the individual student.

On certain weekdays and on weekends, students come together in small groups to take elective courses led by experienced specialists in the respective areas. These electives are focused on personal growth and professional development. They include modules in music, public speaking,  photography,  fine art, financial management, food & nutrition,  fashion & garment-making, digital  technology,  creative writing, computer  programming , and so much more. (For an introduction, watch this video on YouTube.)


Trying to combine working from home with home-schooling places unspeakable stress on parents and children alike. IDMANN Academy provides tutorial support for students in middle and high school (6th grade --> 12th grade) through the Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA). (As a complement to CPA, parents seeking support for younger kindergarten and elementary-age students may enroll in the IDMANN Private Tutor Program (PTP).)

Young students require a broad range of skills - BEYOND reading, writing and arithmetic - to prepare for adulthood. The IDMANN High Achievers' Camp (HAC) focuses on providing some of those additional skills. While the IDMANN Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA) caters to the core academic needs of students between the 1st grade and the 12th grade, IDMANN HAC is designed to engage students after-school and on weekends to develop critical life skills and formative career development experiences that will serve them well into adulthood. This program complements the core subjects students learn in school. It helps students find their own voice and begin to plan their individual lives. The goal is to provide them the tools they need for high achievement as well rounded human beings. That process starts early in life as it caters to students in all elementary and secondary classes, from the first grade up.

An important component of the High Achievers' Camp is that it endeavors to bring together students from different countries and diverse backgrounds to share the experience of developing these additional skills. By forming these diverse and integrated classes, students achieve expanded horizons and a broadened worldview, all from the safety of their homes.

Even the best designed group tutorial programs do not  meet the needs of ALL pupils.  IDMANN Academy provides tutorial support for small groups of students in middle and high school through the Cooperative Parents' Alliance (CPA). Children in kindergarten and elementary school need more individualized instruction and support to learn effectively online. That is what the IDMANN Private Tutor Program (PTP) provides.