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Classes are typically held daily starting at 9a.m. and ending at about 3p.m. on weekdays (in the time zone for the given CPA cohort).  They are held in LIVE, interactive online sessions led by highly experienced instructors. A highly simplified timetable for a single CPA cohort (no more than 10 students) is shown below.

To ensure that the online learning experience is devoid of tedium, students have generous breaks after each block. Students are expected to return in a timely manner after each break as the classes are programmed for a hard-stop at the end of the allotted time. Even though blocks are allocated an hour, it is reasonable to expect that younger students (e.g. 1st grade & 2nd grade) will use less than an hour in actual tutorial work, with the rest of the time dedicated to intellectual stimulation and group interaction.





The following scheduling information is helpful for parents seeking to form a cooperative alliance for their children:

  • In certain instances, IDMANN Academy permits the formation of a cooperative by parents of children in elementary school. To discuss these exceptional cases, kindly contact our office or send us an email: .
  • Parents who wish to form a new cooperative alliance may send an email to indicating their interest and we will endeavor to assist their efforts.
  • Students with special needs are welcome to IDMANN CPA. We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations for students with special needs. Parents may send an email to  to discuss their children's special needs and how we might be able to provide the least restrictive learning experience for the child as part of the CPA.