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IDMANN Academy operates online, providing critical tutorial services to a culturally and geographically diverse range of students and families. The IDMANN Global Summer Camp (GSC) is built on systems and practices we have developed over several years. It combines the key elements of our Private Tutor Program (PTP) and our High Achievers' Camp (HAC) into a compelling summer offering for students (1st grade to 12th grade).

During the weekdays students get a one-on-one instructor to work with them on the core academic subjects (English Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies, etc.). These sessions are led by experienced teachers and are intended to ensure each student is well prepared (even advanced) for the coming academic session. The one-on-one nature ensures that students can have their weaknesses addresses properly and thoroughly without peer pressure. It also gives room for the teacher to develop areas of strength for the individual student.

On certain weekdays and on weekends, students come together in small groups to take elective courses led by experienced specialists in the respective areas. These electives are focused on personal growth and professional development. They include modules in music, public speaking,  photography,  fine art, financial management, food & nutrition,  fashion & garment-making, digital  technology,  creative writing, computer  programming , and so much more. (For an introduction, watch this video on YouTube.) IDMANN GSC supports students and families in many countries where the language of instruction is English.


At IDMANN Academy, we believe it is NEVER too early to learn the life lessons that promote emotional, intellectual and psychological well-being. Our goal is not just to support academic growth but also to foster the emotional and professional development of the child into a well-rounded adult.

In addition to the core academic courses, children at IDMANN GSC could learn a foreign language; practice public speaking (in the presence of their peers, under the guidance of a coach); learn how money works and how to manage their finances; learn about various career options by interacting with professionals and trained counselors in various professions; and learn how to develop their own critical thinking by researching various topics, writing essays about them and presenting their findings and opinions to their peers and instructors. The goal is to help students find their own voice and begin to plan their individual lives. 

This online program supports students every weekday from 9a.m. to about 4p.m.  and on Saturday mornings (in the respective time zones). The program is designed to ensure that students are FULLY engaged through the summer. The academic component is delivered in one-on-one sessions by highly trained teachers, while the (elective) development modules are delivered in very small groups (typically <10) under the guidance of well trained and experienced instructors in the various subjects.

Classes are held in our secure online classrooms that are specifically designed for teaching and learning. The program is designed to provide stimulating and developmental engagement for the child. It also ensures that 'summer learning loss' is a thing of the past; at the end of the camp, students are well equipped and fully prepared for the next academic year.

IDMANN Global Summer Camp is designed to expose students to what they need to know, and equip them with the tools, confidence, and judgment, to continuously discover more for themselves. We teach our students to question and to probe, and most of all, to develop their own unique perspective on the world around them. IDMANN GSC kick-starts this lifelong - and enjoyable - experience for our young students.

The IDMANN Summer Camp is broken into two major components, all of which are covered weekly in the program. They are:

Core Component: Academic Development (20 contact hours per week, primarily on weekdays. Compliant with Common Core Standards, where relevant.)

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Science
  • Art
  • Physical Education & Wellness

Elective Component: Personal & Professional Development (6 contact hours per week, on weekdays and weekends; choice of three modules from the available electives, one from each high achievement track (HAT))

  • HAT I (Professional Development):
    • Public Speaking Seminar
    • Research Methods
    • Creative Writing
    • Computer Programming & Applications Development
  • HAT II (Personal Development):
    • Money Management & Personal Finance
    • Consumer Sciences (Track I: Fashion, Personal Style & Garment Making)
    • Consumer Sciences (Track II: Cooking, Food & Nutrition)
    • Digital Art
    • Construction, Open Spaces & The Built Environment
    • Electrical, Electronic & Digital Technologies
  • HAT III (Cultural Development):
    • International Language Practicum (limited to ILP offerings for the year)

Special Programs: (These modules usually involve one-on-one instruction or tutorial delivery in even smaller groups than other electives. Specialized equipment is required (at home) for the student to participate effectively.)

  • Music (Piano)
  • Photography

For questions about the content of IDMANN Global Summer Camp, you may send an email to .


Classes are held daily starting at 9a.m. and ending at about 4p.m. on weekdays (in the time zone for the given cohort). Weekend sessions typically start at about 9a.m. and end at 2p.m. (with generous breaks in-between). 

They are held in LIVE, interactive online sessions led by highly experienced instructors. To ensure that the summer camp experience is not tedious, students have at least a 15-minute break after each one-hour block.

Students are assigned to cohorts based on a balance between indicated interest(s), availability and proficiency. For language classes in HAT II, the selection made at the time of registration will be the primary driver for assignment to a cohort.

Parents are highly encouraged to register now and reserve a spot for their children as the classes are filling up.


 The following scheduling information is helpful for parents seeking to register their wards:

  • Students with special needs are welcome to IDMANN GSC. We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations for students with special needs even outside of this indicated window. Parents may send an email to to discuss their children's special needs and how we might be able to assist in creating the least restrictive learning environment for the child.
  • Special classes for organizations, groups or associations may be arranged outside of this standing schedule. (For group schedules, send email to )


Application & Registration Fees:

  • Program fees are payable in advance, monthly.
  • Discounts on the program fees are available for families registering multiple children at the same time. (Email us or contact your Educational Outreach Associate for details.)



 Application Fee    $200 (or equivalent)  
 Tuition (Monthly)   Contact the registrar for specific costs as well as tuition assistance.  
Eligible for IDMANN Challenge Bursary?   Yes (See conditions)  
Eligible for National Service Bursary?   Yes (See conditions)