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IDMANN Global Summer Camp is designed to expose students to what they need to know, and equip them with the tools, confidence, and judgment, to continuously discover more for themselves. We teach our students to question and to probe, and most of all, to develop their own unique perspective on the world around them. IDMANN GSC kick-starts this lifelong - and enjoyable - experience for our young students.

The IDMANN Summer Camp is broken into two major components, all of which are covered weekly in the program. They are:

Core Component: Academic Development (20 contact hours per week, primarily on weekdays. Compliant with Common Core Standards, where relevant.)

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Science
  • Art
  • Physical Education & Wellness

Elective Component: Personal & Professional Development (6 contact hours per week, on weekdays and weekends; choice of three modules from the available electives, one from each high achievement track (HAT))

  • HAT I (Professional Development):
    • Public Speaking Seminar
    • Research Methods
    • Creative Writing
    • Computer Programming & Applications Development
  • HAT II (Personal Development):
    • Money Management & Personal Finance
    • Consumer Sciences (Track I: Fashion, Personal Style & Garment Making)
    • Consumer Sciences (Track II: Cooking, Food & Nutrition)
    • Digital Art
    • Construction, Open Spaces & The Built Environment
    • Electrical, Electronic & Digital Technologies
  • HAT III (Cultural Development):
    • International Language Practicum (limited to ILP offerings for the year)

Special Programs: (These modules usually involve one-on-one instruction or tutorial delivery in even smaller groups than other electives. Specialized equipment is required (at home) for the student to participate effectively.)

  • Music (Piano)
  • Photography

For questions about the content of IDMANN Global Summer Camp, you may send an email to .